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Fantasm Presents Special Edition: The Return of the Living Dead Tribute Issue

Send. More. Paramedics.

Already at the printer and landing this July 3 (the date the movie takes place on), the dead are coming out of the tanks and into your collection! Fantasm Presents Special Edition: The Return of the Living Dead Tribute Issue This issue is loaded with tar-covered features including: A massive six page Interview with the legendary Clu Gulager on acting, art and... bologna

An extended, uncut interview with the late James Karen. This is the full-length interview only teased in our Linnea Quigley issue that covers his time in the war, working with Tobe Hooper and, of course, Dan O'Bannon.

An all-new talk with the Tar Man himself, Alan Trautman, about his time on the film, the suit and more. Also onboard is Fantasm's dear friend John Russo! In this new tell-all interview, John recalls the story of how The Return of the Living Dead came to be how Frank Sinatra almost financed it! Continuing our ongoing series with medical professionals on horror, we've gone to the end of the line this time and brought in a licensed mortician to look at The Return of the Living Dead and discuss the character of Ernie, the philosophy of the profession and some of the actual processes that take place when a body is prepared for its final rest. But this isn't just any mortician. We have Carla Harvey, lead singer of the heavy metal band, The Butcher Babies, on the job. Did you know she was a real licensed mortician? We also take a look back at The Return of the Living Dead music and franchise, as well as revisiting the awesome Linnea Quigley interview from Fantasm Presents #3, and so much more!


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