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Fantasm Presents Special Edition: 13 Fanboy The Official Magazine Fantasm Media presents the OFFICIAL COMPANION MAGAZINE to horror smash hit 13 Fanboy! This issue is loaded with EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes photos and interviews from the cast and crew! The new film by director Deborah Voorhees follows the real-life cast of Friday the 13th and other HORROR ICONS as they are relentlessly stalked and gruesomely killed by a maniac who is obsessed with them and their films. This suspenseful shocker is loaded with old school slasher film kills, gore and an intelligent and relevant story that delves into the psychology of stalking.

Exclusive interviews include:

Director Deborah Voorhees, Dee Wallace, Kane Hodder, Lar Park Lincoln, C.J. Graham, Tracie Savage, Ron Sloan, Vincente DiSanti, Hayley Greenbauer and MORE!


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