Dawn of the Dead and Martin are coming to Blu-Ray!

As you may have heard, UK distributor Second Sight Films officially announced last month that they’re releasing the George A. Romero classics Dawn of the Dead and Martin, later this year on Blu-Ray. More details recently emerged from the source revealing both films are also being released in 4K UHD versions! The restoration of both films is being handled by Final Frame under the watchful eye of Michael Gornick, who was the Director of Photography on both films! Fantasm Media has known about this for months and kept mum until Second Sight broke the news officially. Fantasm's own Brian Steward is involved as a producer on some of the special features on the new releases. Rest assured that

Charlie Benante Cards Now Shipping!

The new CHARLIE BENANTE CARD SET has started shipping today! (One whole day early!) This set features cool KISS-inspired retro paper wrappers and ALL orders include the EXCLUSIVE CHARLIE BENANTE drum track download, BEACH BONGO FURY! (You will get a song download link upon purchase) The CHARLIE BENANTE CARD SET includes 9 cards and guarantees a personally autographed card in every set! Pour some coffee, place your order and get ready to MOSH!

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