Official Ace Frehley Pins - Over 1/2 SOLD OUT OVERNIGHT!

We launched yesterday afternoon and the response has been overwhelming! We have already sold over half of our inventory! We've also put our Official Ace Frehley Magazine on sale to celebrate! Get yours while they last! ORDER NOW!

The Official Ace Frehley Enamel Pin

The Official Ace Frehley Enamel Pin NOW SHIPPING! This 1.75" enamel pin features the classic Ace Frehley lightning bolt logo in a polished metallic finish surrounded by a blue glitter space field! The back features two posts to keep the pin from spinning out of place, topped with rubber clutches. Each pin comes carded and bagged! Supply is limited! Get yours HERE!

NEW! Fantasm Media Jigsaw Puzzles!

The Fantasm Media Puzzle Series is here! It's time to pick up the pieces and make sense of it all! These 252-piece jigsaw puzzles feature the covers of our first two issues of Fantasm Presents, both featuring original cover art by Brian Steward. Each finished puzzle measures 11" x 14". Grab yours today!

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