HALLOWEEN Blu-Ray Winner Announced!

Shane B - HE IS COMING HOME TO YOU! Thanks to EVERYONE who sent in all the amazing Carpenter score comments! His musical mastery has really touched us all! By the way, our buddy, Shane is a big fan of Carpenter's score for Prince of Darkness! Don't forget to enter our AUDITION contest!

AUDITION Blu-Ray Giveaway!

We thought Arrow Video's awesome new Special Edition Blu-Ray release of Takashi Miike's 199 film, Audition, would be the perfect film to cuddle up and watch for Valentine's Day this year with that special someone! Pledge your undying love to win! Remember, nothing says, "You don't love me enough." like a wire saw! To win, show your Fantasm Media love! Post a link to www.fantasm-media.com in your social media of choice, take a screen-shot and mail it to info@Fantasm-Media.com with the Subject Line: DOG DISH VALENTINE Love is in the air! Winner announced February 14th! If you don't win, you can always get a copy Here! Arrow Video's Audition Special Edition Blu-Ray features: Brand new

Leatherface! Bob Elmore joins the already STELLAR lineup in Fantasm Presents #4: The Texas Chainsaw

Leatherface in TCM 2, Bob Elmore, joins the already stellar lineup in Fantasm Presents #4: The Texas Chainsaw Legacy! Although credited as a stuntman, Bob was actually the onscreen Leatherface in the vast majority of the Leatherface scenes in TCM 2. His stories about the filming of the franchise's second installment shed some new light on the real history of the film from his perspective. Fantasm Presents #4: The Texas Chainsaw Legacy features interviews with John Dugan, Caroline Williams, Bill Moseley, R.A. Mihailoff, Jeff Burr, William Butler, Dan Yeager, Seth Sherwood and Charles Band! Shipping Early 2019!

Mutation! Arrow Releases The Definitive WATERWORLD Boxed Set!

Arrow wasn't lost at sea when they compiled this definitive limited-edition release of one of the most incredible films of Kevin Costner's career: WATERWORLD. At the time of its release in 1995, this was the most expensive film ever shot. Overblown and under-appreciated as it may be, you just can't beat Dennis Hopper as the Deacon of the Deez, complete with googly-eye! This groundbreaking (or is it waterbreaking?) film, with its heavy production and marketing costs figured in, took a while to break even, but it eventually did. And even though it was originally met with mixed critical reception, many still regard it as one of the best and original post-apocalyptic visions put to film. The new

Halloween Giveaway: The Night He Comes Home to You!

Fantasm Media is giving away a copy of the brand new Halloween Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital! All you have to do to win a copy is email us at: info@Fantasm-Media.com with the Subject line: Bring Him Home To Me! - in the body of the email tell us your favorite Non-Halloween John Carpenter score! Was it The Thing? How about Christine? Maybe it's The Fog! Tell us! We will pick one random winner on January 31st! Only one entry per person. Good luck!

Teeth of the Texas Chainsaw Legacy

Here is the rundown of folks connected to the Texas Chainsaw Legacy that are interviewed in issue #4 of Fantasm Presents: John Dugan, Caroline Williams, Bill Moseley, R.A. Mihailoff, Jeff Burr, William Butler, Dan Yeager, Seth Sherwood and Charles Band (Wait, Charles Band was connected to the TCM legacy? Why, yes... yes he was...) More weirdo surprises are crammed in there that will really set this issue apart from anything on the shelves today. How about an essay from an emergency room doctor on hammer and chainsaw trauma to the body? What if we sweeten the chili pot with a piece from former Medicolegal Death Investigator and forensic expert Joseph Scott Morgan on the real-life horrors tha

New Year, New Partner, New Logo, New Directions!

Happy New Year! Fantasm Media has had some exciting changes taking place recently. First, please welcome our new partner, Vickie Steward! She continuing her managing editor duties as well as taking more of a hands-on role in Fantasm Media's continued growth and day-to-day business. With the new year, we say goodbye (but not farewell) to partner Bill Mohalley. Bill's amazing experience has been an asset to Fantasm and will continue to be as he will be lending his skills as a freelancer. We wish him well and look forward to continuing our amazing working and personal relationships! Finally, to cap off the new year laundry list of changes, we proudly present the new company logo, redesigned

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