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Mutation! Arrow Releases The Definitive WATERWORLD Boxed Set!

Arrow wasn't lost at sea when they compiled this definitive limited-edition release of one of the most incredible films of Kevin Costner's career: WATERWORLD. At the time of its release in 1995, this was the most expensive film ever shot. Overblown and under-appreciated as it may be, you just can't beat Dennis Hopper as the Deacon of the Deez, complete with googly-eye! This groundbreaking (or is it waterbreaking?) film, with its heavy production and marketing costs figured in, took a while to break even, but it eventually did. And even though it was originally met with mixed critical reception, many still regard it as one of the best and original post-apocalyptic visions put to film.

The new Arrow release comes in a beautifully-illustrated box adorned with stunning Paul Shipper art that can also be found on the reversible Blu-Ray cover and poster that are included. Also included is a wonderful 60-page book featuring articles, concept art and even a look at all of the crazy marketing tie-ins for the film's original release. WATERWORLD pinball anyone? Let's not forget the amazing postcard set nestled inside the Blu-Ray case. So many cool goodies to keep a WATERWORLD nut like myself happy for hours! This absolutely stunning release just makes me pine for the same overblown boxed set treatment for Costner's other post-apocalyptic masterpiece, THE POSTMAN!

Now, the WATERWORLD transfer....absolutely stunning! The film looks and sounds crisp and vibrant and feels as fresh as a single tomato growing on a boat! With three versions to drink in, you've got a long, wet night ahead of you! Included is the theatrical cut, the TV cut and the amazing 178 minute “Ulysses” cut that features previously censored shots and dialogue.

Bottom line: It's time to take on some water! Buy this, watch this, love this. It's guaranteed to make you wet the bed and likely everything else around you!

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