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Teeth of the Texas Chainsaw Legacy

Here is the rundown of folks connected to the Texas Chainsaw Legacy that are interviewed in issue #4 of Fantasm Presents: John Dugan, Caroline Williams, Bill Moseley, R.A. Mihailoff, Jeff Burr, William Butler, Dan Yeager, Seth Sherwood and Charles Band (Wait, Charles Band was connected to the TCM legacy? Why, yes... yes he was...)

More weirdo surprises are crammed in there that will really set this issue apart from anything on the shelves today.

How about an essay from an emergency room doctor on hammer and chainsaw trauma to the body? What if we sweeten the chili pot with a piece from former Medicolegal Death Investigator and forensic expert Joseph Scott Morgan on the real-life horrors that inspired the mythology? Maybe a little Ed Gein? You'll see...This issue is bonkers. I GUARANTEE it.

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