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Today, Wednesday September 15, 2021, marks the 131st anniversary of Dame Agatha Christie's birthday. Having sold over two billion copies, she is the world's best selling fiction writer of all time, according to Guiness World Records. Her character-driven murder mysteries commonly included wealthy tourists in grand locations, clothed in high fashion, facing psychological struggles. She had a knack for putting the reader in the audience, as if watching, enjoying the humor and feeling the dread and suspense throughout each novel.

We at Fantasm Media have enjoyed reading Agatha Christie's stories and watching the film and TV show adaptations of her works. We also really enjoy watching Italian giallo films. And we have no doubt that Dame Christie's work influenced these films. We also think it's a shame the giallo didn't result in more than a cult following. Along with the current haute couture of the time (this was Italy after all), Italian architecture and detailed sets, the beautiful female protangonist often had psychological issues. The directors had a knack for keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. These character-driven murder mystery movies usually included a masked murderer, bloody naked ladies, breaking glass and color-saturated scenes, choreographed to an awesome sountrack. It's as if someone thought, “Why not make murder mysteries with babes, boobs, blood and beats?” Genius!

In remembrance of Agatha Christie and her continued influence on pop culture, we're offering you an automatic discount of 15% TODAY ONLY (12 a.m. To 11:59 p.m. 9/15/21 CDT) on any purchase on our site. SHOP THE SALE NOW!


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