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Back To Ghoul Sale!

All of the little monsters are heading back to school soon. Do they have everything they need to succeed? Pencils? Check! Crayons? Check! New backpack? Check! Fantasm Presents #1: George A. Romero? No? What? How can you expect your child to excel without a copy in that backpack to show all their friends at recess?

Fantasm Presents #1: George A. Romero is 1/2 off from now until next Friday! The issue that launched a company can be yours for only $10! Read all about Romero's classic zombie trilogy and his later zombie masterpieces! Interviews include Gregory Nicotero, John Russo, Glary Klar, Joe Pilato and more!

Additionally, you can grab a copy of Fantasm Presents : George A. Romero - Living Dead Weekend Special for $5 off! We are offering our variant cover B for only $10! Yep, only ten singles for this awesome second helping of Romero goodness! This special issue contains dozens of never-before-seen photos including tons of behind-the-scenes shots from the set of DAWN OF THE DEAD! You also get an essay on Romero's oft forgotten film, SEASON OF THE WITCH, a brand new Romero comic strip, an interview with author of WORLD WAR Z, Max Brooks and more!

ALL orders during this sale with 2 or more Romero products in the same transaction get a FULL SET of Fantasm Presents : George A. Romero trading cards!

This is a perfect way to get caught up before we unleash our next Romero-centric issue!

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