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Warehouse Finds Added To The Online Store!

During all this COVID-19 caused downtime, we've been going through our warehouse to reorganize and take inventory. We've found some cool items hidden away in the darkest corners of our lair and are making them available to you! As much as we want to, we still can't spend time with you at conventions, but maybe these cool finds are the next best thing! First up, we have added Brian Steward's remaining poster print convention stock to the store! Years ago, before he was publishing magazines, Brian spent most of his time illustrating for magazines, comics, video games and several other projects. During that time, he produced numerous art prints. Three of those prints available here feature his original character, Coco The Hula Girl, who is slated to have her OWN COMIC from Fantasm Media later this year! Now you can grab one of these prints before they are gone! There are less than a dozen of each one available!

Get yours now!

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