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Crobot Live!

Any band that launches their set with the singer emerging from an alien egg obviously has their shit together. For the uninitiated, a Crobot show is perfectly blended energy, grinding big booty grooves and a sprinkle of silly all at once and at any moment in the set. This Pennsylvania band, formed a decade ago, just emerged with the rest of us from the COVID-19 cocoon and blasted their way across the country, giving the fine people of the United States desperately needed live rock music.

From the first moments crawling out of the alien egg to the last power ballad sing-along “Everyone Dies,” Brandon Yeagley never let up. As a bonus we didn't realize we needed so badly until we got it, guitarist Chris Bishop dropped a little of Joan Osborne's “(What if God was) One of Us” on the crowd mid-show before slamming back into the oh so lovely Crobot groove.

I caught up with Crobot in Dallas near the end of the run and was floored by the raw energy (did I mention energy?) the band displayed. Being in a venue with other humans enjoying a great show was cathartic and sorely missed.

Already back in the studio, Crobot seems to never stop working. Before they hit the road again, pick up a physical copy of their latest album, Motherbrain. (I suggest the vinyl.) As soon as they hit the road again, you need to see this band live. You can thank me later.

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