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Fantasm Presents #6 is on the way!

Fantasm Presents #5: George A. Romero's Living Dead: A Reflection of Humanity Then and Now After much delay, she is returning to us from the printer! 2020 was a weird year. Hopefully the closest we will ever come to actually living in one of George's films. This issue explores the pandemic through the lens of George's films and takes a look at the cinematic landscape of the time when Dawn of the Dead was originally released. and includes interviews with John Russo, David Emge, Scott Reiniger, Suz Romerro, Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Eugene Clark and Lynn Lowry. It also includes a full-color Romero comic tale in the classic Tales From The Crypt vein and our resident medical doctor takes us down the rabbit hole for a look at the real-life possibility of zombies and similar instances in the animal kingdom. We also take a look at the rise and (possible) fall of the indoor mall as well as an amazing photo gallery by Dawn mall zombie, Ralph Langer. Every pre-order includes an exclusive song download. This track, created by one of the actual zombies in Dawn, celebrates all things Pittsburgh and gut munching! Grab yours NOW!


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