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Special Sid Haig Card For The Wait!

As a "THANK YOU" to everyone who ordered the Sid Haig issue and has had to wait for a back-ordered copy to be shipped (which is coming VERY SOON - in our hands FRIDAY), we've created a special ALTERNATE version of the card that was only included with Pre-Orders just for you! This isn't the same card, but a special redesign for your patience! Collectors love those variants! Only 500 units have been produced of this card!

This card features a zoomed-in version of Sid on the front and back as well as other slightly altered design elements and colors.

If you've already ordered and haven't received your book, don't worry, you will get the card. You don't have to do a THING.

We are including it in EVERY ORDER until the books are in our hands from the printer.

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