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SURPRISE! Fantasm Presents #5: A Tribute To Sid Haig - The Final Interview Sessions Pre-Order is up

Fantasm Presents #5: A Tribute To Sid Haig: The Final Interview Sessions

Back in 2017 Sid and publisher Brian Steward started working on an issue of Fantasm Presents all about Sid and his career.  Sid and Brian logged many hours of phone interviews preparing for the magazine. Sid was really excited about the project. The plan was to create a book that would cover all aspects of Sid's career, to interview other actors and filmmakers that Sid had worked with and include some articles about some of his films. The hours upon hours of interview sessions with Sid were to be edited down into a regular length interview and be the centerpiece of the book.

When Sid passed, Brian shelved the issue. A few months ago, Brian's wife, our Managing Editor, Vickie started transcribing the audio. She convinced Brian to reconsider releasing this issue. The problem was that the interview sessions weren't finished.  Even with so many hours logged, there were many more films and television shows to cover.

But his early life and music, how he got into acting, many of his projects and his most well-known role, the one that relaunched his career—that of a wisecracking, foulmouthed clown with a gun, was covered. He wanted people to know his story. As wonderful as the character of Captain Spaulding was, Sid was so much more than that wisecracking, foulmouthed clown with a gun. This issue is unlike anything we've ever done. It contains no articles, or outside ads. It contains all those hours of phone calls distilled down into one massive interview with Sid, honoring his legacy. Nothing was changed or edited. His life and legacy in his own words. To keep this special Sid Haig Tribute issue a secret, we renumbered our Tirbute to Italian Cinema issue to it's real number - 6! That issue will still ship at the same time. Expected to ship on or around Halloween! Every Pre-Order Copy will contain an exclusive Sid Haig trading card featuring a never-before-seen image of Sid as Captain Spaulding! GET IT HERE!


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