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The Batman

While at a glance covering this film might seem a little out of our wheelhouse here at Fantasm, we disagree. The Batman is an absolute top notch thriller that, in many moments, leans into horror territory. This is more of a brilliant slow burn mystery than an action film and possibly the best comic medium based piece of cinema ever created. The Riddler is mind blowing. Paul Dano, though masked for the majority of the film, has easily waded into Oscar territory. This Riddler isn't the same one we've been familiar with for the last 70 plus years since his 1948 debut in Detective Comics #140, but at the same time he is the true essence of the character personified. Robert Pattinson of The Lighthouse fame (I said what I said) is the perfect young detective Batman. Seen early in his crime fighting career here, this is a Batman we can't wait to follow as he becomes the Dark Knight we all know and love. The Catwoman is brought to the screen beautifully by Zoë Kravitz, as is Jeffery Wright's Jim Gordon, both of which may be the best film versions to date. Colin Farrell, along with makeup wizard Michael Marino, created a Penguin that is not only believable, but absolutely astonishing. Also, casting Christine as the Batmobile is a nice touch.


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