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Fantasm Media Announces NEW KISS KARDS!

The Official KISS Poster Book is now shipping with randomly selected cards from numbers 13-18! This ever-expanding set of KISS Kards, exclusively from Fantasm Media, has been a hit with fans and very well may be the toughest KISS Kard set of all time to complete! Each card features 2 never-before-seen images by photographer and card set designer Brian Steward. The front of every card features a new spin on the original classic KISS Kard design made famous years ago and the back echoes the spirit of Dennis Woloch's brilliant KISS ALIVE II design! At this point, the set is 18 standard cards strong with more possibly coming in the future! So far, one special foil chase card has been released and was offered at the Indy KISS Expo earlier this year. Stay tuned! In the future, we will make that very special chase card available again!

Order The Official KISS Poster Book today and expand your collection now!

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