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Happy Holidays

First off, Happy Holidays to you all! I hope this year-ending season has been happy, safe and positive. I wanted to personally write and let you know where we stand on all of our offerings. Currently, we are working hard to FINALLY wrap the Ace Frehley magazine that is BEYOND overdue. As mentioned in previous updates, so much of this has been out of our control. Once we were instructed by Ace's management to start the presale, we were unable to secure the key interviews and photos we needed and that cost us a delay and much of our advertising. Then due to an UNBELIEVABLE comedy of problems that you just can't make up, the book was delayed even more. Also, right before the holidays kicked off, my father-in-law died. (My managing editor wife's father) As you can imagine, this threw everything further into chaos. A few weeks later, my father, who was recovering from cancer treatments, was hospitalized with pneumonia in both lungs. While in the hospital, he suffered a massive stroke. He is recovering, but it is a long, slow process and he can no longer live alone. This all said, the last months have been a mess. Between taking care of all the family issues and getting his home ready for a now-wheelchair bound man to return to, there have seemingly been even less hours in the day. (Fantasm is only a three-person team, two of which have been dealing with all the issues above) That said, we are really behind on all things Fantasm. This letter isn't an excuse or a veiled request for pity, just a look behind the curtain as to why it seems Fantasm has slowed to less than a crawl. We are confident, however, that everything will be back in place soon. Ace WILL ship and it will ship with some REALLY cool extras. Chainsaw, although only a week or so late at this point, is wrapping up nicely. Expect some cool new interviews with cast from multiple films. Also on the way is our first stand-alone autographed card set that will drop in a few days. Thanks to ALL of you who have been patient beyond measure and have stood by us. We promise great things are coming. May your 2019 be blessed, happy and awesome! Brian Steward Publisher, Fantasm Media

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