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Massive Romero Sale! Some Items Over 50% Off!

Let's celebrate the DEAD FILMS! This is where it all began for Fantasm Media! Get our very first issue and the follow up for only 10 bucks! (Check the store for even MORE Romero-centric stuff on sale!)

Fantasm Presents #1: George A. Romero - The Official Magazine Loaded with interviews and articles all centering on his DEAD films! In this issue: Greg Nicotero - Interview FX legend and executive producer of AMC's THE WALKING DEAD Peter Grunwald - Essay George Romero's producing partner since MONKEY SHINES John Harrison - Interview First Assistant Director CREEPSHOW, DAY OF THE DEAD John Russo - Interview Co-writer of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Scott Reiniger - Interview Actor (DAWN OF THE DEAD) Joe Pilato - Interview Actor (DAWN OF THE DEAD, DAY OF THE DEAD) Gary Klar - Interview Actor (DAY OF THE DEAD) Terry Alexander - Interview Actor (DAY OF THE DEAD) John Amplas - Interview Actor ( MARTIN, DAY OF THE DEAD, CREEPSHOW) Jim Krut - Interview Actor (DAWN OF THE DEAD) Never-Before-Seen DAWN OF THE DEAD Set Photos and more!

Fantasm Presents: George A. Romero - Living Dead Weekend Special When there's no more room in issue #1, a follow-up issue will walk the Earth! In this issue: Season of the Witch ESSAY Creepshow Opening Sequence ESSAY Ralph Langer's Road To Dawn of the Dead GALLERY Dawn of the Dead Behind the Scenes Original Comic Story – No Guts, No Gory! Max Brooks Interview Even More Never-Before-Seen DAWN OF THE DEAD Set Photos!

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