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Happy Birthday To Legends!

Today, as October begins, we celebrate the birthdays of two of the most important films of all time! With their creative spirit and maverick approach, the efforts of all involved created magic and captured lightning in a bottle. Both of these independent films changed cinema forever. 52 years ago, a small group of filmmakers created a film that spawned an entire genre that would become a cultural phenomenon on the big screen, television, in comic books, toys and more. Led by George A. Romero, this tight-knit group used some chocolate syrup, their neighbors and an abandoned farmhouse set to be torn down as pieces to complete their perfect puzzle... NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD

Six years later, in 1974, Tobe Hooper's iconic masterpiece was unleashed onto the world. THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE continues to defy expectations and terrify audiences to the bone 46 years later.

This film is like no other, it gets under your skin... into your soul.... You will swear you saw horrors on the screen that were only in your mind. This brilliant film created a genre and launched an American mythology! The saw is family! In the past, we've done magazines on each and both are on sale today to celebrate! Get yours here!


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